Two cyclists on the Finnmark plateu with rainbow and dramatic sky.

Cycling in Finnmark – rough northern beauty

PHOTO Glød Explorer

Finnmark comes with no promises of neither summer nor sunshine. However, you're guaranteed a mountain bike adventure of a lifetime – and a mosquito or two.

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– The Finnmark Plateau is open and vast, and offers fantastic terrain for passionate mountain bikers, explains Trygve Nygård of Glød Explorer in Alta.

The choice of routes in Alta is broad and varied, ranging from family-friendly tours to intricate and demanding routes for more experienced riders. You can either ride on your own or as part of an organized tour for a few hours, the whole day or a few days.

– Some of our guests stay in Alta and do day tours, others join a longer road trip on the plateau. I can’t promise neither sun nor hot summer days, but you’ll come back a changed mountain biker – that is a guarantee!

With Fly and Bike, your bike is waiting for you when you land so your trip can start straight away.

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  •  Tourists looking at the petroglyphs in Alta, Finnmark, surrounded by beautiful nature.



    OVER 6000 FIGURES: The petroglyphs in Alta is actually the largest collection in Northern Europe.

  • Close up of petroglyph of reindeer in Alta, Finnmark.


    Peter B. Straumann/

    ANCIENT ART: This reindeer was carved in stone thousands of years ago.

  •  Two reindeer grazing.



    REINDEER OF TODAY: Want to see live reindeer? You can in Finnmark!

  • Tourists visiting sami people with reindeer and lavvos (tents) in Alta, Finnmark.



    CULTURAL VISIT: Visit the sami people and learn about their culture and history.

  • Hiker drinking from a mountain stream in Finnmark.


    Nina Smedseng/

    COOL DOWN: The water you come across is guaranteed cold enough to cool you down...

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    Glød Explorer

    NATURE: In Finnmark there are vast areas of untouched nature.

– A tour and a half!

Trygve Nygård stresses that the tours are not just for hard core bike enthusiasts.

– For an active family, I would recommend joining us on the plateau and cycling down to Altadalen. Along the way you'll enjoy the gorgeous view across the fjord and a splendid bonfire lunch. The final part of the route follows the old postal road from Karasjok and is very enjoyable. It’s a tour and a half! Or do it at night and cycle straight into the midnight sun, says Nygård.

You can even combine cycling with other activities in Alta. How about a midsummer skiing trip?

 Two cyclists taking a break and filming each other i Finnmark.



ALL KINDS: Short or long rides, easy or difficult – Alta offers plenty of options for cyclists.

Out on the plateau

Road trips on the plateau with overnight stops are suitable for those who enjoy mountain biking or who like keeping fit by cross-country skiing, running or other forms of fitness exercise. The cycling itself isn’t necessarily that demanding, but you’ll have to expect to get tired – and enduring it.

– We need to reach our overnight stops, and you’re on the Finnmark Plateau, which implies that you’re on a bit of an expedition! But once we reach our stops – either a campsite in the wilderness or a cabin – there will be good food, a sauna and a bed waiting for you. It’s a carefree life on the Finnmark Plateau, and you risk getting hooked. You’ll want to come back! says the passionate tour guide.

Silhouette of three cyclists on the Finnmark plateau in glowing midnight  sun.


John Vidar Bull/Glød Explorer

MIDNIGHT GLOW: When the sun shines all night long, you can bike both day and night!

Year-round cycling

The fatbike has turned Alta into a year-round destination for off-road cycling. Fat bikes are normal bikes with unbelievably thick tires – hence the name. The huge tires allow you to cycle in snow during winter, and in Alta you can choose from either ski trails prepared for dog sled racing or separate cross-country trails for fat bikes.

– Fat bikes open up fantastic opportunities for cycling in winter. You can experience nature in a different way in the evenings, especially when the Northern Lights are dancing across the sky, Nygård enthuses.

Fly and Bike gives you the opportunity to experience some of Norway’s most impressive walking and nature areas that are also suitable for cycling holidays.