View on Kjerringøy, Northern Norway.

Cycling around Bodø: The most beautiful bike ride ever

PHOTO Ernst Furuhatt/ø

Bodø is a great base if you want to cycle through pristine landscapes without getting out of breath.

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The trip to the magical island of Kjerringøy is said to be one of Norway’s – and the world´s – most beautiful biking routes. On your way you’ll have an undisturbed view of the ocean, and in the distance you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the great Lofoten archipelago and the island of Landegode.

This is an easy trip suitable for everyone, as it only has two short uphill climbs. The trip should take about 2-2,5 hours to complete, including a 10 minute ferry crossing.

Just outside of Bodø, an island realm not many tourists are familiar with awaits. The islands are located one to two miles from the shore, and can be reached by boat from the centre of Bodø. This is a perfect escape if you like to tune into nature and leave the world behind.

Don't miss out on Langsanden, a spectacular white, sandy beach on the island of Sandhornøya. Another must see stop along the way is the view from the hilltops of Kleivan. They offer an amazing overview of the whole island realm.

When in Bodø, don’t miss out on these popular highlights:

  • Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest tidal maelstrom
  • The old trading post at Kjerringøy
  • The National Norwegian Aviation Museum
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    Brynjar Hilling/BL-GK/Gildeskål

    FLAKES ON THE BEACH: The flakes of Langsanden, a spectacular whitebeach on the island of Sandhornøya.

  • The old trading post at Kjerringøy.


    Roger Johansen/ø

    MUSEUM SITE: Be prepared for some fascinating storytelling when visiting the old trading post at Kjerringøy.

  • Cows by the river and bridge in Kjerringøy outside Bodø.


    Sissel Fornes

    RURAL LANDSCAPE: Cows graze the farm lands of Kjerringøy.

  •  Woman on a bike on Kjerringøy outside Bodø.


    Roger Johansen/ø

    BIKING: Woman biking along the roads of Kjerringøy.

The strongest maelstrom on the planet

Once you're in Bodø, you're in a perfect location to explore further afield. Why not spend five or six days on the bike to go and see the Svartisen glacier, which is Norway's second largest? You can also try the recommended three day trip to the archipelago in Gildeskål. On this trip you’ll get to visit an interesting Medieval church, see rare orchids and have close contact with the ever popular Norwegian salmon. Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest maelstrom is also located along this route.

  • People on a RIB tour by the bridge of the maelstrom Saltstraumen outside Bodø.


    Ernst Furuhatt/ø

    TIDAL CURRENTS: A maelstrom is a fascinating phenomenon. right outside bodø, you find the strongest whirlpool on the planet, saltstraumen.

  • RIB tour by the bridge of the maelstrom Saltstraumen outside Bodø.


    Roger Johansen/ø

    RIB TOUR: In the background, the peaks of the Børvasstindan mountain range.

  •  RIB tour in the maelstrom Saltstraumen outside Bodø.


    Tore Schöning Olsen/ø

    SALTSTRAUMEN: The first element in the name of this maelstrom is the name of the district Salten and the last is the definite form of straum, meaning "stream" or "water flow".