Two hikers enjoying the view on a mountain top in Sunnmøre,

Explore Fjord Norway at its best this summer

PHOTO Mattias Fredriksson/

Our Widerøe employees with local knowledge are adamant that Western Norway is the best destination. They share their top tips on why you should visit their home towns during the summer.

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In Western Norway you will find the highest mountains and deepest fjords – but also many other great holiday experiences regardless of whether you enjoy an active, cultural or foodie summer holiday.

Why not choose Western Norway this year? For example, if you use Wideroe’s Explore Norway ticket you can experience several different places in this diverse region during your holiday.

People by the docks of Bergen.


Trude Remme/

BRYGGEN IN BERGEN: The docks of Bergen is a landmark that you will want to visit lots of times.

Fishing trips, mountain tops, festivals or food?

At Widerøe we have lots of staff who are enthusiastic ambassadors for their local areas and would like to show you the best from their home towns. Western Norway has everything from towns with major tourist attractions and bustling crowds, to small places with proud food traditions, good fishing and local mountain tops.

People and stage on an outdoor concert in Otternes, Sogn og fjordane.



HIGH SEASON: there is no shortage of festivals in Western Norway during the summer months. Here the band Valkyrien Allstars play an outdoor concert at Otternes.

Here are some tips for places and activities that are mandatory – as well as some others you might not otherwise have heard about:

  • Stavanger: Elisabeth Skram Gil strongly recommends Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock) and a park like none you will have seen before… Read more!
  • Bergen: Jørgen F. Eriksson is keen to suggest both Troldhaugen and old Gamlehaugen, as well as some good places to eat. Read more!
  • Sogndal: Wenche Navarsete grew up in the area and explains that it is a paradise for anyone who likes the outdoors. Read more!
  • Florø: Arild Steinholm suggests some fantastic opportunities to enjoy all kinds of water sports! Read more!
  • Førde: Kristin Hammersvik Johme recommends Førde to those who like fjords, mountains, fishing or festivals! Read more!
  • Sandane: Torill Rygg Eide believes it is hard to beat Gloppen if you are looking for great food and great scenery. Read more!
  • Ålesund: Katrin Vasset Hoel recommends the Møre area for its festivals and reveals where you can find Fjord Norway’s best bacalao. Read more!
  • Molde: Kariann Frostad offers the temptation of summit hikes, ferry tours and of course the jazz festival! Read more!
  • Ørsta/Volda: Heidi Regine Brandal explains that there is always a mountain nearby to climb, perhaps even with a starting number on your chest, if you are so tempted. Read more!

You can of course fly with us from place to place, but do not forget that a flight ticket can be combined with a hire car which will be ready and waiting at the airport when you arrive. You can only add this to your booking at the same time that you book your ticket.


Fly and Bike – Ideal for those who like exploring on two wheels!

Did you know that you can also combine your plane ticket with the hire of a bicycle? With our unique Fly and Bike concept, you can reserve a bike which you can pick up from and return to the airport. If you travel with the Explore Norway ticket, this is a perfect combination.

Bikes on the side of a boat house by the fjord, Sandane.


Marianne Hope

BY BIKE: On a bike you get the best of several worlds – fresh air, nice views and good exercise!

Can you hear Western Norway calling you this summer? All you need to do is to get started with the planning – there are plenty of views and activities for everyone!