Sail boat on the ocean.

Explore Fjord Norway: Water sports in Florø!

PHOTO Laila Anita Schønhardt

Widerøe employee Arild Steinholm has no doubts about his recommendation: Florø, the westernmost town in Norway, is the place to visit if you are looking for water sports!

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If you want to have a sea or river adventure then you should be heading to Florø in Western Norway. Here you can try all kinds of water sports, such as kayaking, river rafting, diving, fishing and boating.

Florø Airport is within walking distance of the town, only about a mile from the centre and at the eastern end of the runway you can find the Sørstrand Folkepark, which is one of the town’s best swimming and recreational areas.

– A short boat or road trip north heading from Florø will take you to one of Norway’s most beautiful beaches Grotlesanden, says Arild Steinholm, a Widerøe employee from Florø.

  • Six surfers relaxing on the beach of Florø.


    Marius André Langø/Våt Moro

    GO SURFING: When the Våt Moro water sports festival is on, there are activities in, under and on the water

  • Five surfers by the beach in Florø.


    Marius André Langø/Våt Moro

    WET FUN: Every year the programme of Våt Moro water sports festival gets bigger.

  •  Two people in a kayak outside Florø.


    Våt Moro/HS Produksjon

    KAYAKING: If you want to have a sea adventure then you should be heading to Florø in Western Norway.

The water sports festival Våt Moro runs from July 12th-15th. July, when there is quite literally water spray in the air for the whole weekend!

We will be happy to fly you to an aquatic adventure in Florø this summer – book your flight tickets here!

Stay overnight in a lighthouse in Fjord Norway?

Amongst the shipping channels in the archipelago off Florø you will find several lighthouses.

– I recommend trying to stay overnight in a lighthouse, such as the one at Kvanhovden. Or the Stabben lighthouse which covers an entire islet and is much photographed, says Arild.

Florø photographed from an airplane.


Arild Steinholm

A BIRD'S EYE VIEW: Florø seen from the plane.

The world's longest herring buffet

Florø is also well known for herring fishing, and in the middle of June the town has a 350 metre long herring buffet running through it as part of the seaside festival Himmel & Hav. A number of herring dishes are served, such as Nut Herring, Herring in the Sunset, Sour Herring and Pelagia Herring, to name but a few.

– Everyone gets to stuff themselves with herring – totally free!

In connection with the herring buffet and the Himmel & Hav festival there are also performances of a traditional chronicle play.

– This is one of Norway’s longest running pageants and has taken place annually since 1985 on the island off Kinn just off Florø. Here you will also find the Kinn church, which was built in the 12th century against back drop of the mountain formation and landmark of Kinnaklova, explains Arild.

Fascinating view from Hornelen

If you like hiking, then Florø is a good starting point as it is a short distance from there to lots of mountain peaks on the mainland, but also to the peaks on the islands off Florø, as well as the somewhat lower hills that are on the island on which Florø itself is situated.

An hour’s drive from Florø you will find the fabled witches’ mountain of Hornelen, which is not unlike Preikestolen in shape, but about 200 metres higher, plunging 860 metres straight down into the fjord. It is actually Europe’s highest sea cliff, says Arild.

  • Two hikers looking at the view from the mountain Hornelen, Florø.


    Sverre Hjørnevik/

    MOUNTAIN HIKING: Combine coastal life with an amazing trip into the mountains.

  • Two hikers looking at the view from the mountain Hornelen, Florø.


    Sverre Hjørnevik/

    HORNELEN: The view from the mountain Hornelen will not disappoint you.

  • Two hikes on the mountain Hornelen, Florø.


    Sverre Hjørnevik/

    BEWARE: The steep mountainsides of Hornelen.

There are many myths and legends linked Hornelen. Superstition would have it that witches once gathered here both on Christmas Eve and St. John’s Eve to dance and party with the Devil. But these days it is a popular hike, complete with a storm shelter at the top, with a visitor book where you can add your name.

– The Flora branch of the Norwegian Trekking Association organises lots of hikes, with the most well known probably being the “Øyane Over”, which in one day takes in the four highest mountains on the islands off Florø, says Arild, who also recommends the “Nipenatt” hike. This is an 8 hour hike that takes place in the lightest month of the year, in June, starting at 7pm.

–  You walk out towards the ocean in the sunset – and keep going until it begins to get lighter again, he elaborates.

Café and people sitting in the sun in Florø.


Laila Anita Schønhardt

RELAX: After being at sea, simply enjoy life in Florø’s cosy town centre

– Florø also has one of the most famous microbreweries in the country, the Kinn Bryggeri. They opened the beer-café Vesle Kinn in Florø last year, which is well worth a visit. Arild says he will look forward to seeing you in Florø this summer.

Florø has loads to offer – read more about the small-town idyll and coastal cycling adventures!