Molde Stadium and a ship on the sea outside Molde.

Explore Fjord Norway: Molde – Where the mountains meet the fjord

PHOTO Einar Engdal

Widerøe employee Kariann Frostad only gets more and more fond of Molde. The roses, jazz and the many hundreds of mountain peaks are to blame.

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Widerøe employee Kariann Frostad does not actually come from Molde, but is from neighbouring Vestnes, a short ferry ride away. She admits, however, that she is becoming more and more excited about Molde after many years living in another part of the country.

Kariann Frostad hiking in the Molde surroundings, Møre og Romsdal.



PLENTY OF OPTIONS: Molde and the surrounding area have lots to offer, believes Widerøe employee Kariann Frostad.

– A very nice trip the Widerøe crew often make when we are in Molde is to climb up Varden. From there you have a view over the entire town and can see 222 mountain peaks. It is an easy hike, maybe an hour from the centre, but you can also drive up, says Kariann.

At the summit is the restaurant Vardestua.

Panoramic view of the city of Molde from the city hill Varden, Møre og Romsdal.


Einar Engdal

MOLDE PANORAMA: From the city hill Varden you get a panoroamic view of the city of Molde and the surrounding islands and mountains.

Go on a hike?

Close to Molde there are many great mountain hikes you can go on, with the most famous being the Romsdalseggen ridge. There are three different routes, one of which is suitable for families with children.

On a nice summer day, Kariann recommends that you take a ferry ride across the fjord to Vestnes. – Enjoy the view and the trip, it is like going on a fjord cruise. And of course you have to eat svele – a traditional thick pancake from Western Norway!

  • From the Trollstigen route with view of Isterdalen, Møre og Romsdal


    Øyvind Heen/

    TROLLSTIGEN: Molde is an excellent base for hikes of all abilities and Trollstigen is one of the biggest attractions.

  • Two hikers on the mountain of Romsdalseggen, Møre og Romsdal.


    Mattias Fredriksson Photography AB/

    ROMSDALSEGGEN: There are three different routes up to the mountain Romsdaleggen, one of which is suitable for families with children.

  • Hikers on the top of the mountain Romsdalseggen, Møre og Romsdal.


    Mattias Fredriksson Photography AB/

    SPECTACULAR VIEWS: From the Romsdalseggen ridge you get fantastic views over the Romsdalsfjellene mountains.

A short distance by road from Molde is the Atlantic Road – nominated as the construction of the century in Norway. This is a road that is designed not just to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. The entire stretch between Bud and Kristiansund is one continuous experience of coastal scenery, culture and history.

Stormy weather by the Atlantic Road, Møre og Romsdal.


Steinar Melby/

THE ATLANTIC ROAD: A masterpiece of engineering that offers spectacular experiences that are quickly imprinted on your memory.

The Town of Roses

The fjord town of Molde has been known as the “Town of Roses” since the late 19th century. The mild climate made it possible to grow plants that normally only thrived in Southern Europe, and the flowers and lush vegetation became the most important feature of the city.

Visiting the town in July you will be able to experience a wealth of roses in both public parks and private gardens.

– With a view of mountains and the fjord at the same time it is quite a sight, says Kariann who also recommends a trip to idyllic Hjertøya – the largest of the islets off Molde. This is a great recreational area, which is only a ten-minute boat ride from Molde town centre, and is also home to the Fishing Museum.

All that Molde-Jazz

The audience at a. concert during the festival Moldejazz, Molde.


Einar Engdal

MOLDE-JAZZ: Great atmosphere during the Jazz Festival!

In the midst of the flowering roses, the town also fills up with jazz enthusiasts coming to attend Moldejazz, which is always held in week 29. Some of them stay at the Scandic Seilet hotel, which is a major attraction.

– Jazz, or no jazz, Molde is a cosy summer town, says Kariann.