Hikers on the Alps of Sunnmøre.

Explore Fjord Norway: The Sunnmøre Alps of Ørsta and Volda

PHOTO Mattias Fredriksson/Visitnorway.com

In this area no mountain trail is crowded. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking from Ørsta and Volda, assures Wideroe's Heidi Regine Brandal.

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If you go to Volda or Ørsta with hiking boots in your luggage, you do not have to go far to find a trail.

– There is always a mountain close by where you can go hiking, says Heidi Regine, who is a cabin crew member at Widerøe.

If you want to do what the locals do, then you can start with a short trip up to the lean-to shelter at Vikeskåla (Skåla). From there you can then continue to Vallahornet and Saudehornet if you so wish.

Hovden Airport is approximately midway between Ørsta and Volda – and Widerøe flies here every day!

Woman on the top of a snowy mountain, Ørsta/Volda, Sunnmøre.



UP THE MOUNTAINS: There are plenty of opportunities for hiking from Ørsta and Volda, assures Wideroe's Heidi Regine Brandal.

How about a mountain race at an altitude of 1,303 metres?

For those who like to climb the slopes with a start number on their chest, then on August 5th they can participate in the Saudehornet mountain race. The race starts by the small boat harbour and finishes at 1,303 m.a.s.l. A real challenge that is guaranteed will be felt in your thighs! The mountain race is part of the Nature Festival, held in Ørsta from July 21st until August 5th.

– The race is one of more than 50 different events for old and young alike, with a focus on active experiences. The Blues Festival in Trandal is also worth visiting, says Heidi Regine.

 Hikers relaxing on the stony beach of Hjørundfjorden, Sunnmøre, Vestlandet.


Mattias Fredriksson/Visitnorway.com

A GOOD REST: After a hike it is good to give your toes some air. And as mentioned, Sunnmøre does not run out of views – there are plenty here for everyone!

Ivar Aasen – The pride of Ørsta and Volda

As you may know, Ørsta is the home of the father of the second written language in Norway, Ivar Aasen, and he has, of course, had a hotel named after him – Hotell Ivar Aasen right in the centre.

Gamletunet på Ivar Aasen-tunet, utenfor Ørsta på Sunnmøre.


Ivar Aasen-tunet

GAMLETUNET: This is where Aasen grew up, and despite minimal schooling, he taught himself six languages and became a linguist and poet.

The annual celebration of the new Norwegian written language, is held at Ivar Aasen-Tunet from June 7th-10th.

Do not miss the beautiful Hjørundfjord

  • Ferry boat in Hjørundfjorden, Sunnmøre.


    Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/Fjord Norway/Destinasjon Alesund & Sunnmore

    ON THE FJORD: Ferry boat amongst the spectacular mountains of Hjørundfjorden, Sunnmøre.

  • The Sunnmøre Alps tower over the Hjørund fjord.


    Håvard Myklebust/Fjordnorway.com

    AT SUNSET: A stunning moment in Fjord Norway!

  • Climber on the cliff Bladet I Molladalen, Hjørundfjorden, Sunnmøre.


    Håvard Myklebust/Fjellfotografen.net/Fjordnorway.com

    THE LEAF: The famous cliff Bladet "The Leaf" in Molladalen, Hjørundfjorden.

Another special experience to be had if you feel like a sauna is the Sæbø Fjordsauna. This is simply a sauna located on a raft. After your sauna, you can book yourself into the Sagafjord Hotel, which is located right on the edge of the Hjørundfjord, and is built with timber from an old schoolhouse in Valdres.

The docks and Sagafjord Hotel in Sæbø


Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/Fjord Norway

AT THE EDGE OF THE FJORD: Dine and stay in the romantic surroundings of the Hotel Sagafjord in Sæbø.

– When you arrive, its like travelling in to a post card, Heidi Regine states.