Hikers on the top of the mountain Kjenndalskruna Stryn, Sogn og Fjordane.

Explore Fjord Norway: Sogndal is a true outdoor paradise

PHOTO Sigrid Henjum

Sogndal offers a veritable feast of mountain peaks, glaciers, climbing routes, bike rides and other activities. Hard to beat, thinks Widerøe employee Wenche Navarsete.

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Sogndal at the head of the Sognefjord is known for its football team and for its soft drinks, juices and jams, perhaps mainly from the company Lerum, but it is also a true Mecca for mountain folk, explains Wenche Navarsete, Crew Base Manager at Widerøe. She was born and raised in the village, which she warmly recommends as a summer holiday destination.

View of fjords and mountains in Sognefjorden.


Sverre Hjørnevik/Widerøe

SOGNEFJORDEN: Western Norway has a lot to offer. A trip to beautiful Sogndal gives you peace of mind.

– If you like the outdoors, then you will not find better opportunities than in this area. You can go on glacier tours, hike, climb, paddle or cycle – everything is possible, says Wenche.

Glacier walks and summit hikes in Sogndal

 Skiers on their way up the mountain Høgste Breakulen, Jostedalsbreen.


Sigrid Henjum

WALK THE GLACIERS: On the way to Høgste Breakulen, which at 1,957 masl is the highest point on the Jostedalsbreen glacier, and has a view over the hurrungane mountain range in the Jotunheimen National Park!

She recommends contacting Sigrid and Sander, who became well known through the Norwegian TV series “Fjellfolk” (mountain people). The two run Sogndal Lodge, right in the centre of Sogndal, offering guided tours, courses and accommodation “mountain people style” with a bouldering wall in the roof!

If you dream of glacier hiking on Jostedalsbreen, or “Josten” as the locals call Norway’s largest glacier, these are the two to talk to.

– We offer a full package trip from Jostedalen to Fjærland with accommodation before the trip, and a tent and all the equipment needed – and not least a three course dinner up on the glacier. Long 60 km days on skis and an ascent of 1,600m make this a trip only suitable for those in good shape, says Sigrid Henjum.

An interactive and interesting museum

The Norwegian Glacier Museum Fjærland, Sognefjorden.



THE NORWEGIAN GLACIER MUSEUM: The glaciers provide us with important information about the climate of the past. Did you know that an entire 70 percent of all the fresh water on earth is stored in the form of ice?

Among the high mountains and deep fjords of Sogndal Municipality, in Fjærland you will also find the Norwegian Glacier Museum. This is an interactive museum where the whole family can gain knowledge of glaciers and climate in a new and exciting way.

The museum also organises guided glacier walks and mountain hikes, with experienced mountain guides familiar with the area. You usually get to hear some good stories on your trip!

The summer festival in sight!

On the other side of the Sognefjord is Lærdal, which has protected wooden buildings in a Swiss style, some of which were unfortunately lost in a fire in 2014.

The music festival Jordeplerock is held here from June 29th-30th. If you are arriving later in the summer then you can head to Årdal and the Målrock festival from August 3rd-4th.

– I can also recommend Balejazz in Balestrand from May 4th-6th. It is becoming popular with jazz enthusiasts and is a great festival in beautiful surroundings, explains Wenche, who reminds us that you don’t need to come on any specific date to enjoy the fantastic scenery.

– Just pack your outdoor clothes and come to Sogndal this summer!

Widerøe arriving in Sogndal.


Atle Møller/Widerøe

SOGNDAL: Fly with Widerøe to a true outdoors paradise.

Sogndal has loads more to offer – see more trip suggestions!