Woman cycling with mountains in the background.

Cycling in Fjord-Norway – a fairytale landscape

PHOTO Stian Gustafsson

From the second you land in Sandane airport, you'll feel the call of nature. Deep fjords and spectacular mountains are waiting for both you and your bike.

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Whether you want to cycle on peaceful, flat stretches along a fjord, or pedal up into the mountains to indulge in breathtaking views, you'll be spoilt for choice. Numerous bike trails await, just minutes away from Sandane.

– You don’t need a hire car or even a bus to experience the local sights. Everything is within cycling distance, even the airport, says Knut Roger Nesdal, Head of Business at Gloppen Council and an active cyclist himself.

View over Gloppen with water, blue sky and distant mountains.


Stian Gustaffson/Hugvik Foto

BEAUTIFUL DAY: See what we mean by fairytale? The area offers breathtaking nature.

– We have 26 marked trails and a rich network of prepared mountain trails and paths. The only question is what do you want to experience?

With our Fly and Bike package, simply pick up your bike at Sandane airport and pedal away. A few minutes in the saddle later, and you’re in the town centre.

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Fjord or mountain?

Cycles are hired from Gloppen Aktiv, where you can choose between standard touring bikes and off-road bikes. If you choose an off-road bike to explore the mountain trails, you can rest assured that it comes with full suspensions as well as insurance, helmet, gloves and knee pads. However, there's no need to pedal like crazy to get around Gloppen.

  •  Man biking down a forest path.


    Ronny Solheim

    OFFROAD: If you prefer a more challenging trail than the normal roads, you find it here!

  • View over Gloppen from the mountain with ocean and distant mountains.


    Eyolf Johnsen

    ENJOY: A trip up the mountain to take in the view over Gloppen is mandatory!

  • Chef in the dining room at Gloppen Hotel with a delicious salmon dish.


    Oskar Andersen/Gloppen Hotell

    HUNGRY?: Who would say no to this delicious dish of salmon in Gloppen Hotel?

  • Three kinds of beer and dried meat at Gloppen Hotel.


    Gloppen Hotell

    BEER TASTING: Hey, how about some beers? Try local craft beer in Gloppen Hotel.

  • . Hotel room with old fashioned interior in Gloppen Hotel.


    Oskar Andersen/Gloppen Hotell

    GOOD NIGHT: Gloppen Hotel dates back to 1866 – and the rich history is reflected in the rooms.

– It’s lovely to cycle alongside the fjord. Sandane lies at the innermost section of the fjord and there are excellent routes on both sides. You can also cycle to the golf park, hire equipment and do a round on the excellent nine-hole course, says Nesdal, who otherwise challenges summer tourists on two wheels to pedal up to Traudalen, Langedalen or the viewing point at Engsetåsen.

– You'll get a fantastic view from here, overlooking an authentic and well-preserved mountain farming area, he explains.

– It’s also possible to park your bike and continue on foot with fishing rods or onwards to the nearest peak.

Cabins by the water in Traudalen, Gloppen.


Marianne Hope

IDYLLIC: Traudalen has both beauty and history. This used to be a mountain farming area.

Culinary delights

Heading back towards the town centre of Sandane, the hiking areas in Trivselsskogen are accessible with paths, view points and meeting places. 

– You can create your own heart for your loved one, and hang it on one of the tree trunks in Kjærleiksskogen (Lover’s Forest)!

Gloppen Hotel is another place you must make sure to visit. The hotel gets all of its ingredients from local farmers, fishermen and hunters, and has been awarded for its delicious cuisine. According to the hotel itself they serve «untravelled food» since all of its ingredients come from within a three-kilometre radius of the hotel.

Jumping chefs outside Gloppen Hotel surrounded by autumn leaves.


Gloppen Hotell

HAPPY STAFF: The kitchen staff at Gloppen Hotel seems like a happy crowd! That's also reflected in the food they serve – all local!

Sleep in a tree?

Gloppen Hotel is a great experience, but it's not the only option. Gloppen Camping also offers good accomodation. 

– The location here is fantasstic, says Nesdal.

And if you seek a more exotic experience, we have just the thing: How about spending the night in a tree house with vew over the fjord?

We'll be happy to fly you to Sandane!